Why you should shoot for the Moon in Health Care

In the 1960s space was still a place where we will never go and only read in SiFi magazines or comics. But one guy took the next step and started a mission that will change the history in space. That was President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy was well aware of the difficulties ahead. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things,” he said, “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” He simply refused to let the existing reality drive his country’s future.

In 1969, less than seven years after Kennedy’s pledge, Neil Armstrong took his giant leap for mankind.

Right now we are in the same era where a lot of changes are happening, work from home is becoming a standard, travel is changing, remote education is a standard now for most of us. The same is also happening in Health Care, telemedicine, AI integrated diagnostics systems are used more than ever.

Imagine, if there is a device that you can connect to your computer at home and diagnose yourself whenever you like, and the best part is, it will give you the opportunity to connect with your doctor anytime for further consultation.

How can a wearable ultrasound patch device revolutionize how doctors interact with athletes? It’s quite simple. The PONS System is the first wearable ultrasound device that allows Doctors to monitor and diagnose patients while they are at home or in a nearby pharmacy.

This is the power of PONS which connects the patients with the doctors anytime, anywhere, and instantly.



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Soner Matt Haci

Soner Matt Haci

Writing about the future of health care and Real-estate technologies