A new study found that people who scored high in certain psychopathic traits are more likely to limit head movements.

  • Researchers have long noted that psychopathic individuals display certain behaviors during nonverbal communication, including the so-called psychopathic stare.
  • The study analyzed video interviews with 507 inmates, using tracking algorithms to…

The recent developments in the field of AI are creating very interesting new outcomes.

We have been always focused on how AI will take over, how it will grow into something stand-alone and will take over the World. …

Man’s new best friend: What cats can teach us about human genetics and precision medicine

Cats have genomes that are structured in much the same way that humans are, and an article published this week in…

The frog dilemma

How to be ready to change?

We have been always told that the frogs won't jump if you put them in cold water and boil the water slowly. That was told as something that is appropriate in business life as well especially in the consultancy business. If you change the…

Soner Matt Haci

Writing about the future of health care and Real-estate technologies

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